Wunderlich Woodworking Business History

Wunderlich Woodworking was founded in 1985 by Ron and Diane Wunderlich in Mason City, IA. Owning a woodworking business had been a dream of Ron’s for many years while teaching high school woodworking at Mason City High School from 1975 to 1985. In the summer of 1985, they purchased and acreage in SW Mason City with the former Humane Society building as the only structure. With a couple months of remodeling, it became both house and shop for their maiden voyage into the world of self employment. This facility served its dual purpose until 1989 when the present shop and retail space were opened on the same acreage. A 2004 addition gives their present operation approximately 5000 square feet of retail, shop, and storage. Ron and Diane give credit to God for blessing their business. In their 25 years, they have never run out of work or laid off any employees.

Although the scope of work has changed over the years, it still remains as it began. Custom woodworking with sales of materials and tools. Custom woodworking includes cabinets, furniture, millwork, repair and refinishing (although stripping is not offered here). If Wunderlich’s makes it, they will also offer installation. Countertops of laminate, solid surface, and wood are also available. Materials such as hard and soft woods, sheet goods, hardware, adhesives, etc., are both stocked and special ordered. Everything needed to manufacture their products is available to the general public for their projects. Working with contractors is also a major part of the business.

The sale of new and used tools is offered. Ron’s 35 years as a teacher and shop owner give him the experience necessary to advise customers about woodworking tools. Many customers seek Ron’s perspective and advice on projects, products, and shop tools.

Another blessing evident at Wunderlich Woodworking, Inc. has been the quality of craftsmen that have been employed. Three former employees have opened their own business in the area. These shops continue to network together to help meet the woodworking needs of North Iowa and beyond. Two of the Wunderlich sons have played a critical role in the operation. Jesse has been full-time since 2001 and part-time while growing up next door. Elias continues to help part-time although college is consuming most of his energy currently. Brian Tiedeman of Mason City is also a full-time employee. His fine arts degree from Iowa State University has an emphasis in furniture design. He aspires to own his own business but is currently sharing his talents at Wunderlich’s.

Wunderlich Woodworking, Inc. is located 3/4 mile South of Newman Catholic Schools in SW Mason City. The hours are 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. on Saturdays. The owners and staff are eager to assist you with your woodworking needs. We trust you will find us to be, “Where wood and craftsmanship are joined.” How may we serve you?